Pub Quiz Victory!

We are pleased to announce our latest victory – a stunning rout at the INQUEST charity pub quiz evening! A yearly event to raise money for all the wonderful work done by INQUEST, this is the second year running that Garden Court has demonstrated that their expertise extends beyond topics of law and human rights and into areas such as naming characters from ‘The Simpsons’ and knowing who Kim Kardashian is (but not why we should care!) The winning team Dexter Dias QC, Rajiv Menon QC, Sarah Hemingway, Deirdre Malone and Tom Wainwright fought off tough competition from other well known human rights Chambers – some of whom appeared to be exercising their right to freedom of association by ‘Phoning a Friend’ when the questions got tricky! A thoroughly enjoyable time was had by all, a great deal of money was raised for an amazing organisation and the trophy will soon be re-taking pride of place in Garden Court Reception.

This is what being at Garden Court does to your eyes.

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