About Garden Court

Garden Court Chambers is a leading multi-disciplinary chambers in London specialising in human rights. Throughout our 40 year history we have worked with thousands of campaigning organisations and individuals to fight injustice and inequality.

Our multi-disciplinary expertise has proved vital to clients where cases bridge a number of areas. This innovative approach has enabled us to contribute to developments in the law. It continues to give us an advantage in terms of the service we offer and we understand the demand for help with issues where traditional specialisms overlap. Garden Court has over 100 tenants from a wide range of backgrounds, working in and across the following areas: Crime, Immigration, Family, Housing and Civil (Claims Against The Police & Public Authorities, Community Care, Employment & Discrimination, Planning & Environmental Law, Gypsy & Traveller Rights, Inquests, Mental Health, Prison Law, Public & Administrative Law, Welfare Benefits.)

Garden Court has always been driven by our strong ethics and a passionate belief in human rights and social justice. This affects all of our practice areas and is reflected in our work. At the same time we preserve our duty of independence. We have advised and represented organisations such as JUSTICE, LIBERTY and the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Garden Court has specialist teams offering:
International Law, Immigration Law (Aylum and Human Rights and Business and Private), Housing Law, Family Law, Civil Law, Mediation, Prison Law

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