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But Why Can’t We Strike It Out?

Rajeev Thacker analyses a recent decision of the Employment Appeal Tribunal stressing the limited nature of the power to strike out claims. My colleague, David Renton, has recently published an excellent book. Entitled Struck Out, it explains in detail how … Continue reading

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More Muddling on Employment Law

Vince Cable has announced yet more employment law reform. Rajeev Thacker questions whether there is any justification for this further erosion of employee rights We have previously commented (here and here) on the coalition government’s previously announced reforms of employment … Continue reading

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Resolving Workplace Disputes: The View from the Royal Courts of Justice

David Renton comments on some robust judicial support for the current system of employment tribunals. Between January and April this year, the government consulted on plans to alter the Employment Tribunal system. At the heart of the consultation document, “Resolving … Continue reading

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It’s time for another reform!

It could reasonably be observed that this government is pretty keen on reform. Departmental websites are festooned with promises of reviews and consultations, most of it apparently in the name of freedom. The NHS is to be fundamentally reformed so … Continue reading

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