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Challenging discretionary housing payments by way of judicial review

Desmond Rutledge looks at the role discretionary housing payments (DHPs) have assumed in the wake of the Government’s welfare reform programme and examines the scope for challenging DHP decisions. The changing role of discretionary housing payments The discretionary housing payments … Continue reading

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Why the human rights challenge to the ‘bedroom tax’ failed

Desmond Rutledge examines why the Court of Appeal in MA and Others refused to apply the reasoning in Burnip to disabled adults in the social sector who need an extra bedroom. Burnip and the bedroom criteria in the private sector … Continue reading

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Why We Can’t Trust Judges to Beat the Bedroom Tax

Liz Davies explains that, although the courts may be able to help a few individuals, we need to step up the political battle. Judges – and lawyers – can’t be trusted to uphold social justice. In July, two senior judges … Continue reading

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When is Judicial Review Available as a Remedy in Relation to Housing Benefit Issues Where There are Possession Proceedings for Rent Arrears?

Desmond Rutledge considers the scenarios in which judicial review is available as a solution to certain housing benefit issues and provides specific examples of housing benefit decisions that are susceptible to judicial review. Where possession proceedings for rent arrears are based on … Continue reading

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The lawlessness of private rent lets us all down

Liz Davies considers the ways in which landlords have benefited from the credit crisis and explores how tenants could be given increased security through five-year tenancies. Landlords, like bankers and pay-day loan companies, have done well from the credit crisis … Continue reading

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The impact of the revocation of the temporary stop notice regulations on Gypsies and Travellers: the road to nowhere

Marc Willers examines why changes to temporary stop notice provisions risk forcing Gypsies and Travellers onto the roadside. Romani Gypsies and Irish Travellers have lived in the United Kingdom in their caravans in accordance with their traditional way of life … Continue reading

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The time to act on the bedroom tax is now

At a time when the bedroom tax is coming to dominate debates about housing and fairness in our society, Liz Davies considers the options available to local councils in resisting this policy of central government. Green Party-controlled Brighton & Hove … Continue reading

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